Next-generation certification

Simple, credible certification

We help businesses and investors efficiently and credibly quantify and report on the social and environmental impacts yielded from a wide range of sustainability interventions.

Our work follows best practice as defined by the ISEAL Code of Good Practice and aligns with internationally recognized standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and Gold Standard for the Global Goals to produce accurate, reliable and comparable impact data.

Environmental Markets

High quality carbon credits + other environmental assets

  • An official certification body for Gold Standard
  • Software enabled monitoring, reporting and verification
  • Helpdesk and trainings
  • API with Gold Standard registry

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Corporate Reporting

Scope 3 reporting + supply chain claims

  • Emission reductions and removals for GHG Protocol reporting
  • Emission factor management and tracking system
  • Other supply chain claims (deforestation free etc.)

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Impact Investing

Due diligence + impact reporting of investments

  • Embedded certification requirements in fund due diligence
  • Aggregation of impact assessment and assurance at fund and portfolio levels
  • Issuance of environmental commodities (optional)

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