Validation & Verification

SustainCERT provides Validation and Verification services for the Gold Standard microscale scheme.  Please see here for a description of the Gold Standard certification cycle

Our third party Validation and Verification services are carried out as follows:

  • Client completes a pre-engagement form and enters into a contractual agreement with SustainCERT
  • SustainCERT chooses the best Team to carry out the assignment and communicates this to the Client.
  • The assignment is planned by SustainCERT according to the profile of each project and the timeline is shared with the Client
  • SustainCERT carries out the assignment according to the Audit Plan and prepares an initial report. This report is reviewed by an independent team member before a final statement is issued.


SustainCERT has a responsibility to establish rules governing how references can be made to its validation and verification statements . These are summarized as follows:

Whenever a simplified, short description of a statement is used by a client, the client must also ensure that the long form used in sustainCERT’s final report is also referenced or included for a complete understanding. Two examples are shown below to illustrate the difference between validation/verification and reasonable/limited level of assurance.