Digital Project Management now on new SUSTAINCERT PLATFORM

Following a successful data migration late November, digital certification is now available on the new SustainCERT Platform. This is an important and exciting milestone on our journey to enabling real time or close to real time issuances of carbon credits.

The SustainCERT Platform builds on what we previously referred to as the “SustainCERT App” and has been completely re-engineered from user feedback to provide an improved user experience. Digital Certification, which is designed to help save time and remove barriers for those seeking carbon credit certification is now available from the new Platform. The main features remain the same for now – clear workflow and process visualization, online document management, booking reviews – but a cleaner, crispier and more responsive interface helps carbon project developers navigate the certification process more efficiently.

Integration with online support has also been improved to reduce response time. The knowledge base, with FAQs and user guides, is more easily accessible and platform support is just a click away.



Beyond the new look & feel, the SustainCERT Platform went through a full rebuild – but you can’t see it unless you look under the hood. It features a complete new architecture and infrastructure that will enable the future development and integration of more advanced capabilities, such as digital monitoring, reporting and verification. We have already started work there and aim to have this capability available for selected project types in 2022.


This release, along with the release of the alpha version of the Scope 3 Software earlier this month, are milestones on our technology roadmap worth celebrating. More than a great team success and improved performance – although that alone is a cause for celebration – what we are particularly excited about here is the track it puts us on. We have an ambitious plan to digitalize impact verification and we now also have the people, the combined experience and skills and the resources to deliver on this plan more rapidly. In the end, the most encouraging part with these milestones is that they are the firsts of many more to come.

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