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SustainCERT Raises $10 Million

SustainCERT completes $10 Million Capital Raise to Drive a #RacetotheTop in Carbon Emissions Accounting and Verification

Scope 3 Reductions Key for Credible Net Zero Strategies

Value chain or “Scope 3” emissions are often the largest source of corporate carbon footprints, yet to date have been the lowest area of focus for most companies because of these common barriers...

Value Change Labs 2021

Through programs, working groups, labs or pilots, Value Change members co-create best practice guidance and tools approved by Gold Standard to reduce and credibly report on Scope 3 emissions reductions.

A new era for the voluntary carbon market

Digital transformation is on its way and will profoundly transform the voluntary carbon market. This article was first published in Business Green

Bayer and Partners Break New Ground on Certifying Value Chain Greenhouse Gas Impacts with SustainCERT

SustainCERT announces that the Bayer/Soil Health Partnership Conservation Innovation program, has achieved design certification as part of the Value Change Program pilot phase.

Sustainability standards join forces to scale climate impact.

For the first time standards including Better Cotton Initiative, Fairtrade, FSC, and the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials will be able to quantify carbon emission reductions.