Anurag Juyal

Certification Manager, Micro Scale

Anurag is one of our Certification Managers and, put simply, his job is to ensure projects are in compliance with the requirements and guidelines of Gold Standard for the Global Goals (GS4GG). Yes, that involves a lot of document reviews, but limiting his scope of work to that would not be fair. The certification process is geared to help developers design their projects for maximum positive impact and Anurag is answering questions, requesting clarifications and providing guidance for corrective actions – wherever there is a need for it – on a daily basis.

Having worked as a consultant, an auditor and as a reviewer with a Standards and Certification body, Anurag’s experience in the field of climate change and sustainable development is multi-faceted and extensive. After 13 years in this field and catering to 100+ clients, his analytical skills are second to none. He continues to approach every project with the same meticulousness and desire to positively contribute to our shared future.

Little known facts about Anurag: he has a strong interest in sports and watching a boxing match live ranks pretty high on his bucket list. Forget coffee, Anurag will pick his phone over this beverage any day.

  • Joined SustainCERT right from the start (2018), after 2 years at Gold Standard
  • Based in India (New Delhi)