Deborah Lynch

Finance Director

Deb is our Finance Director and her work covers a wide range of activities that aim at setting up, maintaining and driving SustainCERT’s good financial health. Her role requires an in-depth knowledge of accounting and finance disciplines and sits somewhere between identifying areas of financial opportunities and weaknesses to chasing us for monthly expense reports.

If anyone can take care of our finances, it is Deb. Not only because of her background – over 20 years of financial and accounting leadership in investment banking and energy – but because of the passion she puts in educating her colleagues about financial best practices and her ability to promote collaboration. Deb is hard working, kind-hearted and has SustainCERT’s mission at heart. By ensuring the financial well-being of the organization, she enables everyone to focus on their primary objectives – to make best practice impact certification accessible, affordable, desirable.

Appart from her work, deb will tell you she doesn’t have any real talents. But talk to her and you will learn that she is a skydiver, an equestrian jumper and that she hiked Kilimanjaro during a lunar eclipse, no less. She loves to spend time with her husband, her two kids and her dog, and whenever she feels the need for a productivity boost, she goes for a hike or run in the woods.

  • Joined the team in May 2020.
  • Based in the United States (Boston Area)