Robin Duchesneau

Value Chain Certification Director

As Value Change Certification Director, Robin supervises the certification process for Value Chain projects under Gold Standard and the Value Change Initiative. Put simply, his job is to make sure projects comply with the criterias of the standards we work with. He also helps perform preliminary reviews, validation and verification audits.

Ask Robin why impact verification, he will tell you that what he likes about his work is enhancing the veracity of environmental claims. And with his organizational skills, his experience in scientific research and environmental certification – over 15 years – he is the right person to do just that. Computer simulation modeling; sustainable forest management; GHG, value chain Scope 3 interventions and organic agriculture auditing; all part of Robin’s skill set.

When it comes to superpowers, Robin’s pick would be “intuitive aptitude”. That is the ability to instantly learn and understand the workings and mechanics of anything, regardless of how simple or complex, and it speaks volume about how curious he is.

  • Joined the team in January 2020
  • Based in the United States