Our COVID-19 response 
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At SustainCERT, we are focused on keeping our community and our team safe by following the most updated COVID-19 prevention guidelines. At the same time, we would like to reassure developers and VVBs that we are working closing with The Gold Standard to create flexibility for on-site requirements, including stakeholder meetings, audits and project monitoring.

These guidelines will be carefully designed to allow you to continue benefiting from Gold Standard certification during this time of unprecedented restricted global movement, but also ensure that credibility and rigour is maintained. We advise you to continue to take all reasonable steps to comply with all non site-visit based Gold Standard rules and rest assured that solutions for on-site activities will be published shortly. The Gold Standard will publish these guidelines as soon as possible.



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SustainCERT offers simple, tech-driven solutions for verifying impacts in climate protection, supply chains, and investment products. We are the official certification body for Gold Standard for the Global Goals, the most credible and robust standard for measuring, reporting and verifying climate and development impacts.