When it comes to impact verification, no one should have to choose between speed and accuracy. At SustainCERT, we bring together the expertise and software needed to accelerate and scale credible climate action.

This year, we’re releasing the world’s first digital verification platform for carbon markets and value chains - revolutionizing the verification industry to ensure that every climate claim is true and trustworthy.

Carbon Market Certification, Validation & Verification

Making sure carbon credits are accurate and high-quality is key to the integrity of carbon markets. And that’s where third-party verification comes in. We provide thorough and independent assessment to make sure credits meet Gold Standard and Verra requirements, and actually make a difference. Plus, we're experts in carbon markets, so we know exactly where to use technology to improve quality and efficiency.

Value Chain "Scope 3" Impact Verification

Scope 3 (value chain) emissions are taking center stage for companies serious about their decarbonization efforts. By verifying value chain interventions, we make sure emission reductions or removals data can be trusted. And the best part? Our pioneering solution enables value chain impact to be allocated and transferred across players. That way, companies can report their progress on Scope 3 and show the world how serious they are about climate action.

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