We are mission-driven to mainstream
credible impact certification
through user-centric and tech-driven solutions.

SustainCERT is the official certification body for Gold Standard for the Global Goals – a next-generation standard to quantify, certify and maximise impact toward ‘climate security and sustainable development for all.’ We believe this is only possible if technology solutions can help amplify and simplify how impact assessment has been done in the past.

Gold Standard’s rigour with SustainCERT’s agility helps businesses and investors more efficiently and credibly quantify and report on the social and environmental impacts yielded from a wide range of sustainability interventions that are possible under Gold Standard for the Global Goals.



We measure
and assure impact – credibly, digitally and simply.

You’re interested in making a positive impact. But exactly what value has your sustainability effort delivered?

SustainCERT’s flexible, tech-driven solutions create customised certification pathways through Gold Standard for the Global Goals for a wide range of sustainability interventions. Businesses and investors can easily embed impact assessment and assurance into their initiatives, whether a supply chain improvement, a sustainable product, or a large scale investment. This helps more accurately and efficiently quantify and report on the social and environmental impacts for higher credibility and recognition.



Many systems today require significant efforts and resources for those seeking certification. Self-navigation through complex standards or costly consulting support, hard copies of documents, manual data monitoring and input for reporting.

SustainCERT aims to be fully digitised by 2020. That means that users will have a centralised portal and dashboard showing their status in the certification process, automated data monitoring and tracking, where possible

SustainCERT process infographic


Beyond the higher value from minimising costs of certification, SustainCERT provides value-added services that help you communicate about the impact your investment or project has driven.

Data visualisation tools, SDGs, certified impacts, reduced complexity, demonstrate contributions, clear assessment, seamless integration


Our team

Marion Verles

Chief Executive Officer

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Lisa Rosen

Senior Advisor

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Javier Castro

Head of Certification

Patrick Hilt

Chief Technology Officer

Sandra Genee

Head of Value Change Initiative

Sandra is the Head of the Value Change Initiative, co-led…

Pierre Bloch

Head of Advisory & Innovation

Maria Pawelek

General Counsel

Thomas Blackburn

Senior Director of Business Development & Partnerships

Neha Rao

Director of Stakeholder Relations

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Annyta Luo

Director of Certification - Energy

As our Energy Carbon Certification Director, Annyta oversees the certification…

Peter Konijn

Senior Director Land Use & Forestry Certification

Larissa Rückl

Director of Advisory Services

Dino De Francesco

Communications & Marketing Director

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Elena Saputo

Value Change Business Development Director

Eric Tolcach

Director of Quality & Compliance

Rodrigo Castro

Head of Research

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David Short

Director, Strategy & Partnerships, Value Change Initiative

David joins SustainCERT with 15 years of experience in sustainable…

Anurag Juyal

Certification Manager, Micro Scale

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Barbara Bodnar

Client Services Project Manager

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Deepak Kumar

IT Senior Manager

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Tanvi Bongale

Certification Officer

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Denise Welch

Senior Sustainability Analyst

As Senior Sustainability Analyst, Denise delivers consulting work addressing innovative…

Francesca Palamidessi

Value Chain Senior Programme Manager

Tierra Moore

Value Chain Certification Officer









Our partners

SustainCERT is majority-owned by the non-profit Gold Standard Foundation and was supported with a grant from EIT Climate-KIC and with investment from BlueOrchard, WWF Switzerland and the 1to4 Foundation.





Thank you for your inquiry about employment opportunities at SustainCERT. We are currently recruiting for:

Lead Front-End Engineer

Reporting to the Chief Technology Officer, the Lead Front-End Engineer
will play an instrumental role in defining, architecting and implementing SustainCERT’s
technology strategy and roadmap. >> READ MORE

Sustainability Analysis Specialist

Reporting to the Director of Advisory Services, the Sustainability Analysis Specialist will serve as in-house technical expert for the delivery of consulting services addressing innovative approaches and corporate sustainability strategies in carbon and broader sustainability markets, as well as in the context of reporting frameworks. >> READ MORE

Head of Finance & Operations

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the Head of Finance and Operations will be responsible for oversight of all finance and operations processes including financial management and reporting, human resources management, internal systems and processes. This position will manage the finance and operations team which will comprise 5FTE in 2021 and may grow as the company develop. >> READ MORE

Finance Manager

The Finance Manager will play a critical role in partnering with different departments to ensure there are robust financial systems and processes throughout the organization. This is a tremendous opportunity for a finance professional to maximize and strengthen the internal capacity of a fast moving, high-impact organization. >> READ MORE

Value Chain Certification Officer

Reporting to the Value Chain Certification Manager, the Value Chain Certification Officer will serve as in-house technical expertise for the auditing of pilot activities conducted in the context of value chain sustainability reporting, with a particular focus on land-use related activities including soil carbon enhancement. >> READ MORE

Director of Marketing & Communications

Reporting to the Head of Commercial, the Director Marketing & Communications will be responsible for creating and implementing a comprehensive marketing, communications and public relations program that enhances the company’s brand presence and awareness within its core markets and the general public. She/he will lead on strategic and operational work to engage with target audiences, facilitate external and internal communications activities, and deliver against business objectives. >> READ MORE