SustainCERT Academy: A go-to learning platform for all things carbon markets

Luxembourg, 4th October, 2023 – SustainCERT, the leading climate impact verifier, is pleased to announce the release of SustainCERT Academy with two online courses that aim to facilitate learning on carbon markets and certification requirements.

Developed by our internal team of carbon experts, the Academy courses combine theoretical and practical knowledge to ensure that all learning can be applied in a project developer’s day-to-day work – whether they are first-timers or veterans. The lessons are accessible at all times from the Academy Platform Everything is easily accessible and at any time on the Academy platform, allowing users to learn at their own pace and deepen their carbon market knowledge. At the end of each course, a certification that proves successful completion is delivered.

Introduction to carbon markets is a three-part course created for project developers or anyone who is interested in learning and successfully navigating the history, dynamics and design of carbon markets. The second course, titled Gold Standard for the Global Goals certification process is designed to help project developers understand all the steps involved in the certification process and enable them to carry out the submission of all relevant documentation according to the Gold Standard requirements.

Certification requires detailed documentation on a project’s eligibility, methodologies followed and monitoring plans, among other things. It can be confusing and project developers often don’t know where to begin. Our course will help them get started and can, hopefully, make certification more accessible

Marion Verles, CEO, SustainCERT

Learn more about SustainCERT Academy and our carbon market courses here

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